Hainzenberg and its surroundings


Chapel Maria Rast:
pilgrim's chirch Maria RastAbout 200 m above Zell am Ziller, well visible, you’ll find the most visited chapel of our Valley. It is situated at the old pass between Zillertal and Pinzgau, in the previous gold mining area at the Heinzenberg. The chapel Maria Rast before know as“Chapel to Unterflörler” is very remarkable. In 1914 the ground got loose, due to a rock breaking, and some parts of the chapel had to be removed.


Mining Chapel and “Wurzensepp”:
Inside of the in 1250 built House Unterflörler, one can still find the historical mining chapel. Walter Burgstaller (alias Wurzensepp) takes care of the chapel and also shows his mineral collection there.


leisure park Zell am Ziller [ www.freizeitparkzell.at ]
Klammerhof Hainzenberg


Climbing Gerlossteinwand - the Zillertal's first fixed-rope climbing route:
GerlossteinwandThe new 380 meter long fixed-rope climbing route, "Gerlossteinwand", leads along a 240 meter high wall on the same-named mountain. It doesn't only offer Alpine pleasures, but also leads to one of the valley's most beautiful peaks. Introductory trial climbs for beginners are offered on the new route, categorized as medium difficult, which was constructed by the local mountain rescue team, in cooperation with the Zillertal Arena. The local alpine sports schools provide expert tips and accompany beginners on the climb, which can be comfortably reached with the Gerlosstein cable car.
[ www.zillertalarena.at/en/arena/sommer/klettersteig.html ]


Arena Skyliner - not for the faint hearted...
A new flying machine and a further development of the Flying Fox, provides even more fun, action and an incomparable bird’s-eye view to all Arena guests! The Arena Skyliner runs on 4 routes with a length of up to 738 m and hurtles with a maximum speed of 50 km/h over the Gerlosstein region.
[ http://www.zillertalarena.com/en/arena/sommer/arena-skyliner.html ]


Goldmining/ cheese factory and aminal farm:
A popular visiting point is the Goldmining, the little Cheese Factory “Hoch-Zeller-Käsealm” and the Animal Farm “Tierpark Hainzenberg”, situated directly at the Gerlos Road B165. [ www.goldschaubergwerk.com ]